Indian arrested in Philippines for trading without permit

An Indian national has been nabbed in the Philippines for conducting a merchandising business without a proper working visa or permit.

Inderjeet Bamdev was apprehended last week at his store in Barangay Centro Norte in Cagayan, which is about 431 km from capital Manila.

“The arrest followed after we received a complaint that Bamdev was working on his business without the appropriate visa,” said Fortunato Manahan Jr, Intelligence Division Chief, Bureau of Immigration (BI).

“It took hours to take Bamdev into our custody as he refused the arrest. He even bragged that he has the backing of some law enforcement officers, and that he is untouchable by BI,” Manahan disclosed further.

After verification of Bamdev’s travel record and visa status, it was found that he has been in the country for more than four years without securing the appropriate visa, a BI release said.

Bamdev is being charged for violating the conditions of his stay and for being an undocumented alien under Section 37(a)(7) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940.

“It is disappointing how some think they can easily evade the authorities in our country,” said BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco.

“Nobody is above the law. Adhere to it or face deportation,” he added.

Bamdev is being held at BI’s detention centre in Taguig, Manila, pending deportation proceedings.




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