Indian Artist Pawan Bawdekar exhibits artwork at World art Dubai


Pankaj Bawdekar is a renowned Indian artist. His recent collection details the experience of cultural traditions in the state of Kerala, India. The artwork is said to be an amalgamation of celebration, composition and tradition.

The artworks depict the Pooram procession (an annual festival in Kerala) to Pandi melam in a beautiful display and take you right into the experience of these festivities. He recently had a solo exhibition of his artwork at World art Dubai.

While speaking about his artwork Pankaj said, “I find the frenetically pulsating figures in such mammoth carnivals, to be the glory of those events and hence they have naturally Come to be the foreground subject of my paintings!”

The artist also added that he received a lot of love and applause for this collection at World Art Dubai. He further said that his experience of exhibiting at World art Dubai was beautiful.

Pankaj is all set to showcase his artwork in the ‘India Art Festival’ as well. This festival will take place in Bangalore and Delhi in the months of April and May.

The Art festival will take place between April 7 and April 10 in Delhi and then again in Bangalore between May 5 and May 8.

In both these shows art lovers can experience the magnificent beauty of the Pooram procession as depicted by this famous artist.

Pawan Bawdekar has been showcasing his work for several years and has held 5 solo exhibitions over the last eight years.

His first solo exhibition was held in the year 2013 at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery. This is the second year consecutively when he is displaying his art at World art Dubai. He held a solo exhibition in Dubai in 2021 as well.


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