Indian cinema has no idea what rom-com means: Ranveer

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Befikre: “Script is written from the heart and soul of Adi Chopra”

Indian cinema has no idea about what rom-com means, says actor Ranveer Singh adding that Befikre fills a gap  in this genre.

“In Indian cinema, rom-com doesn’t stay rom-com. By the end of the interval, there is a twist which would decide the flow of the second half. After a while, people will be dealing with heavy emotions and drama. Befikre is true to the genre. Our attempt with this film is to present the true romantic Hindi comedy, which brings freshness,” Ranveer said.

He has earlier said the film is quite different from what the fans may see in the trailer.

Asked whether there is a similarity with Ashton Kutcher-starrer No Strings Attached, Ranveer Singh, who plays the character of Dharam, says, “It (Befikre) has got nothing to do with the film (No Strings Attached). It is purely an original content written by Aditya Chopra. There is a dearth of original scripts in Indian cinema and I am proud to say this is definitely written from the heart and soul of Adi Chopra.”

When said that to some extent, the dialogues remind of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher-starrer No Strings Attached, the stars of the film claim that there is no reference or similarities between both the films and that they are proud to be part of an original script like Befikre. – CINEWS

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