Friday, July 19, 2024

Indian creators hail ads revenue from Twitter 

Elon Musk-run Twitter on Friday started paying Indian creators their share of ads revenue under its newly launched ‘ads revenue sharing programme’ for creators. 

After receiving their share, several users on Twitter thanked Musk and posted screenshots of the message they got from the platform.

“As your share of our ads revenue in replies, you’re receiving Rs 11,298. Your portion will be deposited into your Paytm-connected account within the next 72 hours. Thank you for being a creator on Twitter!” the message reads.

Users are also getting their sum deposited in their CRED Coin linked account in the country. After receiving the amount, a user wrote on Twitter: “Thanks Elon Musk For Giving My Ads Share in My Paytm Account”.

“Thank you Musk ji @elonmusk,” wrote another user who received $24,305.

One more user who also received $24,305 said: “Thank You, Elon Musk.”

Moreover, many creators around the world shared how much money they received from the micro-blogging platform via the new programme.

While one creator got $37,050, another creator received $11,820.
One creator even got $69,420 through the ads revenue programme.

Meanwhile, Musk clarified that the payouts are “not exactly per impression”.

“What matters is how many ads were shown to other verified users.

“Only verified users count, as it is otherwise trivial to game the system with bots,” he added.



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