Indian Navy, IIFL Home Finance Ltd ink MoU for jobs to veterans

Indian Naval Placement Agency (INPA) and IIFL Home Finance Ltd (IIFL HFL) have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide an opportunity for ex-servicemen competent for various roles in their organisation.

“Both entities will explore opportunities for the recruitment of naval veterans within IIFL HFL who would endeavour to provide an opportunity for veterans/ex-servicemen/dependents competent for various roles in their organisation,” Indian navy stated.

Vice Admiral Suraj Berry, Controller of Personnel Services, Indian Navy and Monu Ratra, CEO, IIFL HFL signed the MoU. Vice Admiral Suraj Berry said: “The INPA is committed to facilitating Ex-Servicemen, our veterans, find employment opportunities after their service to our Nation and it is our endeavour to work with the corporate sector to identify and develop programmes that enables this cause. We look forward to working with IIFL HFL on this initiative”.

Through the MoU, INPA will identify a pool of ex-servicemen and dependents candidates for relevant roles as per standards of IIFL HFL. The company will, in turn, enable these individuals’ transition to the corporate sector through in-house assimilation and training programmes.

IIFL HFL, under the aegis of its Diversity inclusion initiative, aims to offer Ex-Servicemen opportunities in line with their qualifications, experience, and attributes acquired during their service period.

Appreciating the efforts of the Indian Naval Placement Agency in helping the veterans find employment opportunities after completing their service to the nation, Ratra reiterated commitment towards the country and its talent he added that “IIFL HFL was dedicated to positively impact the communities through this program and hope to boost our existing workforce to provide affordable housing that truly works better for everyone”.




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