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Indian Sub Junior Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams leave for the Netherlands Tour

The Indian Sub Junior Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams flew from New Delhi to Amsterdam, Netherlands in the wee hours of Tuesday to participate in their maiden international games scheduled to be played from 13th October to 16th October.

The tour not only promises to be an exciting chapter in the story of Indian hockey but also stands as a testament to its flourishing prowess at the grassroots level.

The Indian Sub Junior Men’s Hockey Team, under the leadership of Captain Manmeet Singh Rai and Vice Captain Ashu Maurya, is set to face the Netherlands Boys U18 and U16 teams.

Speaking on the historic tour, Indian Sub Junior Men’s Hockey Team Coach Sardar Singh said, “This tour isn’t just about competition; it’s a testament to the dedication of these young players and the vision of Hockey India’s grassroots development programme.”

“The tour will serve as an invaluable learning experience for our young players. They have shown immense potential, and this exposure to international competition will help them grow and mature as hockey players. I am excited to see them in action,” he added.

Simultaneously, the Indian Sub Junior Women’s Hockey Team, with Captain Bhavya at the helm and Vice Captain Rajni Kerketta by her side, is set to lock horns with the Netherlands Girls U18 and U16 sides.

Meanwhile, Indian Sub Junior Women’s Hockey Team Coach Rani shared her thoughts on the tour and said, “The journey to the Netherlands is a remarkable opportunity for our girls to test their skills against tough opposition. It’s a stepping stone in their hockey careers, and I believe they will rise to the occasion and make India proud.”

Notably, Indian Sub Junior Men and Women Hockey Teams’ matches against U18 teams will take place on the 14th of October, while the games against U16 sides will be played on the 15th and 16th of October.

Additionally, as part of this tour, both the Indian Sub Junior Men and Women’s Teams will also engage in friendly matches against the Men and Women’s teams of a senior club in the Netherlands on 13th October.

These encounters promise to be thrilling battles that will further enrich the Indian Sub Junior players’ experience and contribute to their development as top-class athletes.



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