Indie artiste Shai, Rupinn’s ‘Read Your Mind’ to release on Sep 21

Singer-songwriter Shai’s (Shayaan Oshidaar) pop song ‘Read Your Mind’ is all set to be released on September 21 by Onstage Records Label.

The peppy Hinglish song is written by Shai, Rupinn Pahwa, Ryan Bickley and produced by Fridolin Walcher. Young Independent artiste Shai has songs like ‘Jump’, ‘Level’, ‘So What’, ‘Next To you’ and several others to her credit.

In an exclusive chat with IANS, Shai shared the making of the song. “We wrote this song almost 3 years ago before lockdown was a thing! Ryan, myself, and Freedo worked on it together in a session in London and originally had it down to pitch. After listening to it over a few months I resonated with it more and more and knew it had to be for my project,” said Shai.

‘Read Your Mind’ is about a relationship devoid of communication and is so toxic that the truth only emerges during conflict. The rest of the time the relationship remains a mystery.

The co-writer of the song Rupinn has written the hit song ‘Tareefan’ from ‘Veere di Wedding’.

“I then got in touch with Rupinn and asked him if he’d be down to collab on it and get a Hinglish vibe going. After just a few hours working on it we were buzzing and it came even more to life than before,” concluded Shai.