Indie singer Nikitaa’s latest single ‘Farewell’ out

Indie artiste Nikitaa is back with her latest single titled ‘Farewell’.

Sung, composed and written by Nikitaa, ‘Farewell’ articulates the feeling of indecisiveness in a relationship and the strength one needs to put an end to it.

The music video showcases the artiste bringing the emotions of the song to life.

Talking about her latest single, Nikitaa said: “‘Boomerang’ and ‘Farewell’ are the only two songs where I’ve drawn from my own experiences of heartbreak. Farewell is extremely vulnerable and tender for me as a song.”

“It’s the most stripped down of all my English releases so far, leaning entirely towards an acoustic vibe keeping the instrumentation bare with guitars, bass and some percussions. I wanted to focus on delivery and vocals – the melancholy over the verses and the fierce breaking points over the choruses,” she added.A

“Being in a very emotional and vulnerable space, the song just came pouring out of me. I was literally crying in the booth during the initial recording and the whole process took about 15 minutes,” the singer further informed.

‘Farewell’ has released on Nikitaa’s official YouTube channel.