Indonesia expands search area for capsized ship victims

Rescuers have expanded the search area to 45 nautical miles (about 83 km) northeast of the site where a ship capsized cin the waters off Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province last week, a rescue official said.

“Because that is the area where more victims were discovered,” Xinhua news agency quoted the official as saying.

He confirmed that the number of survivors has increased to 31 with 11 people still missing.

“The operation will resume on Tuesday. Some ships have headed to shore, but another remains at sea,” he said.

The ship capsized in the Makassar Strait on May 26, but the incident was reported to the provincial search and rescue office two days alter.

It suffered an engine failure after being hit by huge waves

The vessel departed from Paotere harbour and was heading to a seaport in Pangkajene district, both in South Sulawesi.




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