Indonesian FM urges global solutions to safeguard multilateralism, food, energy security

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on Friday called on the G20 to find global solutions to address the impact of the Ukraine war and safeguard multilateralism.

Indonesia’s top diplomat said the ripple effects on food, energy and fiscal space of the war in Ukraine are being felt globally, and as always, developing and low-income countries are impacted the most, reports Xinhua news agency.

She also warned that global growth is projected to slow down to 2.9 per cent in 2022, while inflation may reach up to 8.7 percent for developing countries, adding that global challenges require global solutions.

The Minister said current world situations make people lose faith in multilateralism and its capacity to respond effectively to global challenges.

However, multilateralism is the only mechanism where all countries, regardless of their size and wealth, stand on equal footing and are treated equally, the minister said, adding that the voices of all countries, big and small, North and South, developed and developing, must be heard.

Marsudi urged G20 to try its best to strengthen strategic trust and mutual respect and uphold all foundations and principles of the Charter of the UN.

G20 must be a beacon of solutions to many global challenges, only then can G20 be relevant and benefit the world at large, not only its members, Marsudi ended.

G20 Foreign Ministers gathered in Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on Thursday and Friday to will discuss joint steps on the global crisis and recovery efforts.

This year’s G20 foreign ministers meeting is themed “Building a more peaceful, stable, and prosperous world together”.




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