Indresh Kumar calls for creating Swami Vivekananda’s India

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Tuesday called for following the path shown by Swami Vivekananda and make the country free of religious conversion, illiteracy, untouchability, riots, and corruption.

Addressing the Youth Day programme organised by Rashtriya Muslim Manch on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda here, and attended by a large number of people from all sections and communities of society, he, citing lessons from Vivekananda’s life, said that people should focus on unity and brotherhood. He said that all Indians should have team spirit because team players always play together, they never play to defeat their own team but to win.

He also stressed equality of Islam and Sanatan Dharma.

Emphasising the need for education to the people of Mewat, Kumar, the patron of the Manch, said that illiteracy makes us fight and divide, while education unites us, teaches reconciliation, love, peace and brotherhood.

Criticising conversion, he said that all the countrymen should follow their own religion and respect the religions of others. He said that if all people follow the path told by their religion and respect others, then no one will be able to break us, mislead us and our country will be strong, alert and empowered.




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