Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Infant, man killed in Mumbai house collapses as rains lash city

A six-week-old boy and a 35-year-old man were killed in two separate incidents of house collapses in the Mumbai suburbs late on Thursday, the BMC Disaster Control said.

In the first instance, the infant named Aryan Ravindra Pal was seriously hurt when a wooden loft in their home in Dahisar came crashing down. The child was rushed to the Shatabdi Hospital but declared dead on arrival.

In the second incident, Kisan Dhulla was grievously injured when the slab of a bathroom in his home collapsed.

The tragedy occurred at Telugu Samaj Society in Kandivali East and the victim was rushed to the Shatabdi Hospital but declared dead on admission.

After four days of downpour, the rains subsided on Thursday in the city. The rainfall recorded was: City: 14.36 mm, eastern suburbs: 10.37 mm, and 17.99 mm in the western suburbs, said the BMC.

With the latest fatalities, the death toll in Mumbai rain-related incidents has shot upto 5 in the past 24 hours.



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