Inhuman treatment: Guj woman mutilated by in-laws for eloping


In a shocking incident, a woman’s ear and nose were chopped off by her in-laws. Her only crime was that she fell in love with her younger cousin (husband’s cousin) and eloped with him. The incident took place in Jetpur town in the Rajkot district of Saurashtra.

According to the victim, Jashiben Parmar was married to Hemant, and are parents of three children. But her husband was abusive, violent and beat her frequently. It was during this time she came in contact with her husband’s cousin Arvind Parmar. She said she does not remember when she fell in love with him.

Realizing that the family will not accept their relations, both eloped to start a new life. Her in-laws started searching for the couple and traced them from the outskirt of Jetpur village and brought them back to the house on Tuesday. Jashiben’s husband and other members then started beating the couple mercilessly for daring to elope, she said.

She further said that first they shaved her and Arvind’s head, then they beat Arvind with hot iron rod on Wednesday morning. After that her in-laws and husband and nine other persons chopped off her one ear and nose. She started bleeding and they were rushed to the Jetpur government hospital for treatment.

Five persons named by the victim have already been rounded up, even while the FIR filing process was underway. It includes victim’s husband and other members, said Jaipal Singh Rathore, Rajkot District Superintendent of Police.

The accused family had objection to the affair, because Jashiben is sister-in-law (Bhabhi) of her lover Arvind, and Arvind is younger too her, said official. The complaint is lodged against eight to ten members of the family.



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