‘International White Cane Day’ celebrated in Kashmir

A special day for the visually challenged, ‘International White Cane Day’, was observed in other countries as well as in Kashmir. To mark the day, a function was held at Tagore Hall in Srinagar. The event was jointly organised by Actors Creative Theatre and Jammu Kashmir Handicapped Association.

During the event, the importance of the ‘white cane’ for the blind was highlighted. The purpose of this day is to recognize the active participation of blind people in society and celebrate their achievements.

A white cane is a long stick that helps a person with ‘low vision’ or ‘no vision’ to avoid and avoid obstacles on the road. It is their visual aid that helps in identifying dents, platform edges, steps, uneven surfaces.

On the occasion, Commissioner of Physically Handicapped Commission, Muhammad Iqbal Lone, was the special guest, accompanied by Chairman of Actors Creative Theatre, Mushtaq Ali Ahmed Khan and Abdul Rashid Butt and Abrar Butt of Jammu Kashmir Handicapped Association.

Meanwhile, smart phones were also distributed to about 25 visually impaired children.

During his address, Muhammad Iqbal Lone thanked the organisers for holding such an event. “Physically special people need society. These people have unique skills for which only a platform is needed,” he said.

Mushtaq Ali Ahmad Khan thanked everyone and assured that he will organise such events in the future as well. Appreciating the Jammu Kashmir Handicapped Association, he said that this association is doing excellent work.




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