Saturday, July 13, 2024

Internet calls out SRK for persisting Lady Gaga to take his ‘watch’ in resurfaced video

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is known for his chivalrous nature and gracious conduct, has left the people on the Internet displeased over an old video.

The video in question features SRK and Lady Gaga and shows the ‘Pathaan’ actor leaning over her and repeatedly asking her to take his watch as a gift.

A clip of that interview was recently posted on Reddit by a user.

During their fun chat, Shah Rukh offered his ‘expensive’ watch to Lady Gaga as a gift but she refused to accept it.

He got up and almost leaned over her, asked her to accept the watch while she went into a huddle with her head down, as she kept saying ‘no’.

She then asked him to give the watch to a fan instead but he told her that she can give it away if she wants.

The post received a negative response from users on the Internet with netizens slamming SRK for his behaviour.

A Reddit user wrote, “It’s funny how in movies they all be like ‘No means No’, but they themselves don’t follow what they preach.”

Another said, “If Ranveer Singh/Varun did this, people in this sub would have burned them to death.”

Another comment read: “She was so uncomfortable of his closeness (sic).”

“He was almost over her… that was bad,” said another person.



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