Intimate weddings are here to stay: Manish Malhotra

New Delhi, Dec 1 (IANSlife) Manish Malhotra who is a panellist on Myntra Fashion Superstar Season 3 might be a celebrity favourite, but he’s also the go-to designer for millennials and Generation Z for his glamorous and playful outfits. IANSlife caught up with the designer to find out what he’s looking for in the next fashion superstar:.

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You have been leading the panel of judges on Myntra Fashion Superstar, what do you look for in a fashion influencer?

Manish Malhotra: Individualism is a key factor when it comes to connecting with an audience of any kind. Whether you are an actor, fashion influencer or any role that requires you to connect with an audience, you must be true to your personality. Only then will your audience recognise that and relate to you. So, at Myntra Fashion Super Star, I look at those personalities that bring out themselves in their true form and the passion that they have towards what they do and create.

As weddings and events go back to the same old normal, what influences of the pandemic do you think are here to stay and which ones can one do away with?

Manish Malhotra: I think intimate weddings have made quite a mark for themselves. What started out as a safety measure has soon grown to become a conscious choice for many. Every other influence of the pandemic should be done away with as the world suffered greatly. If the pandemic taught us anything, it was to value ourselves, our time and the people in our life. Taking that lesson forward, we should live life to the fullest.

The focus on sustainable fashion is gaining ground, do you believe that fashion houses like yours’ are taking enough initiatives to promote and include sustainable fashion lines?

Manish Malhotra: I think sustainability is one of the most important factors, coming in. As a label, and as a first-tier designer today, I think it is very important for me to consider factors like technology, sustainability and empowerment. For enterprises that are so trusted, or for any company, it is necessary for us to move with these values. We are working on imbibing all of them in our journey. We work with an NGO for empowerment and are very particular about electricity and water.

Do you prefer creating costumes for movies or seasonal collections?

Manish Malhotra: You are asking me to choose between my two great loves, fashion, and films. There is no question of preferring one over the other. That will never happen.

When it comes to contestants, is it about personality or is it all about style, what weighs more?

Manish Malhotra: It’s a balance of both. Myntra Fashion Super Star is all about being a fashion icon, so style is important and I believe if you are wearing your personality through your style and they are in sync and is exhibited well then that’s a win win. Your style reflects your personality.

After a year in sweatpants, it’s all about revenge dressing, don’t you love it?

Manish Malhotra: Absolutely! What’s not to love about life getting back to normal gradually and we are able to do the same things we did before the pandemic hit us. But I have to admit that I must have been those select few who’d, even during the lockdown, wake up early in the morning and get dressed. So whether I was reading books, working on my new collection or spending time with my mother, I was up and dressed in a kurta set or athleisure because I believe that dressing up gives you great energy that helps you think and feel better.

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