Int’l court asks to clarify who represents Afghanistan


The International Criminal Court (ICC) has asked the UN Secretary-General to clarify in identifying Afghanistan’s representation in international bodies following the country’s takeover by the Taliban, the media reported.

ICC judges have said that the court was not being able to decide on starting an investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, until it knows who officially rules Afghanistan from the standpoint of international law, TOLO News reported.

In a letter to the UN, the ICC said: “The request cannot be legally adjudicated without addressing the question of which entity actually constitutes the state authorities of Afghanistan since August 15, 2021.”

As the reports indicate, many Afghan families were affected by the war and the associated crimes.

Ismail, a resident in Helmand, lost his father and brother six years ago after a rocket hit their house. He called the incident a war crime that requires investigation.

“A mortar hit our house. The previous government did not investigate our issue and this government has not started an investigation either,” Ismail told TOLO News.

At the same time, a number of Afghan lawyers say that the investigation of war crimes is a significant step toward punishing people who have committed such crimes in the war-torn nation.

Subhan Mesbah, a lawyer, said: “Not only foreigners but also Afghans committed such crimes and still continue to do so. Therefore, it is necessary for the ICC to know the status of the Taliban’s recognition.”

ICC judges had authorised an investigation last year to probe offenses allegedly committed by Afghan government forces, the Taliban, US troops and other involved parties.