iPhone 14 Crash Detection notifies man of his wife’s accident

The iPhone 14 Crash Detection feature has notified a man about his wife’s nearby car accident, prompting him to rush to the scene and provide aid before paramedics arrived.

According to a Reddit post, user ‘u/unclescorpion’ was notified of an accident right away, while he was on a phone call with her when he heard her scream — and the line went dead.

“While I was talking to my wife on the phone as she drove home from the store, I heard her scream, and the line went dead. Within several seconds, I received a notification from her iPhone telling me that she had been in a crash and giving me her exact location,” wrote the user.

“I rushed over there and was there before the ambulance arrived, which her phone had called,” it added.

The Crash Detection feature triggers Emergency SOS, which contacts first responders and anyone on the user’s emergency contact list.

Within the Health app, users can add emergency contacts.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra are all built with advanced sensors for car crash detection.

An algorithm uses information from the device to determine if a crash has occurred and to call for assistance.




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