iPhone 15 Pro might feature solid-state buttons, 3 taptic engines

Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPhone 15 Pro models might feature solid-state volume and power buttons, and three taptic engines.

According to an analyst, the devices are expected to have a solid-state design like the iPhone 7’s home button, reports MacRumors.

The internal left and right sides of the upcoming iPhones might include extra taptic engines to provide feedback to users and give the impression that they are tapping real buttons.

Each iPhone will have three taptic engines instead of one, due to the modification, the report said.

Recently, it was rumoured that the iPhone 15 series might include four models, with bigger feature differences than the iPhone 14 and all the models will feature a USB-C charging port.

According to a report, chances were high that the Pro series was likely to feature a memory capacity upgrade to 8GB to match its new processor and continue camera specifications improvements, which included upgrading its main camera to 8MP and using a periscope lens in the Pro Max model.

Whereas, in an effort to get more customers to buy its larger and more expensive model, the tech giant might plan to offer exclusive features to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.




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