iPhone supplier Foxconn aims to retain workers, offers $718 subsidy

Apple iPhone maker Foxconn is offering a $718 subsidy to employees with an aim to retain workers at its main China factory that was affected by Covid-related protests.

Foxconn will provide a subsidy to workers who continue in essential roles at the Zhengzhou iPhone factory from January 1 to March 20, reports AppleInsider.

Workers will need to be a valid employee as of that date to receive the subsidy.

Moreover, the factory is extending the ‘show up’ bonus payments for workers.

They can now receive a 6,000 yuan ($862) bonus if they work more than 23 days in January next year.

Last month, workers at Foxconn’s largest factory in China clashed with security forces and company officials amid protests over late bonus payments for work during Covid lockdowns.

Hundreds of workers were seen in social media videos, marching down a road, throwing sticks and bricks at anti-riot police.

It was reported that Foxconn was offering $1,400 to each new worker at its factory in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou to leave the facility, in a desperate move to end protests.




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