Iran to discuss nuke topics with EU

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that Tehran and the European Union (EU) will discuss nuclear topics in Brussels in the coming days.

Making the remarks during his weekly press conference, Khatibzadeh said recent talks between Ali Bagheri, Deputy Foreign Minister, and Enrique Mora, Deputy Secretary-General of the European External Action Service, in Tehran were “good and constructive”, reports Xinhua news agency

Bagheri noted that both sides agreed to continue negotiations in Brussels in the next few days.

“For sure, the issues, challenges and obstacles which have not been resolved in Vienna, should be discussed in Brussels,” said Khatibzadeh.

“Our demand is unconditional return (of Washington) to its obligations under the (JCPOA) agreement from which the US withdrew. (Besides), lifting of oppressive, illegal and extraterritorial sanctions against the Islamic Republic” is another demand of Iran, he noted.

Bagheri said on Thursday after meeting with Mora that taking “practical” steps with “tangible” outcomes should be the purpose of upcoming nuclear talks between Iran and the remaining parties to the JCPOA.

According to media reports, talks between the EU coordinator and the Iranian officials aimed to bring Washington and Tehran back to compliance with the deal.

After six rounds of talks in Vienna between Iran and other parties to the deal, with the US indirectly involved, Iranian officials said recently that Iran’s current administration, which assumed office in August, needed a “reasonable amount of time” to prepare its negotiating team and strategy.

The nuclear talks that began in April sought to bring Washington back to the deal and persuade Iran to assume compliance with some of its commitments dropped after former resident Donald Trump unilaterally abandoned the accord in 2018 and reimposed sanctions on Iran.