Iran working to clear obstacles in rapprochement with Saudi

Iran is currently working to remove the existing obstacles in the ongoing rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, a senior legislator said here.

“Given the statements and the welcoming approach of Saudi Arabian officials concerning the establishment of relations with the Islamic Republic, follow-ups to remove obstacles are underway,” said Mahmoud Abbaszadeh Meshkini, spokesman for the national security and foreign policy commission of Iran’s parliament.

As quoted by Parliament’s official news agency, Abbaszadeh Meshkini stressed the capacity of Saudi Arabia to determine foreign policy preferences of “some countries” in West Asia, reports Xinhua news agency.

The senior representative noted that more than one deputy ministers of foreign affairs had presented reports to the chamber, adding that Iran is determined to expand relations with its neighbours.

There is no apparent serious obstacle on the part of Iran in this process, and the possibility for cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the basis of common interests exists, he said.

According to the legislator’s remarks after the session, only some preparations remain to be made by experts in the ministries so as that eventual official meetings will yield results.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have not had formal diplomatic ties since 2016.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on May 10 that it had been holding informal talks with Saudi Arabia in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.