Iranian army holds 3-day drill

The Iranian Army’s Ground Force have started a three-day drill in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan.

Commander of the force’s 164th mobile assault battalion Hamid Firouzjaei said on Sunday that the drill, titled the Battalion’s Role Model in Piranshahr County, is aimed at assessing and displaying the combat capabilities of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force, Xinhua news agency reported, citing IRNA’s report.

Operations such as heliborne parachute, overnight raids, helicopter combat, control of communication roads, capture of heights and urban warfare will be carried out during the drill, said Firouzjaei, adding organisational, light, semi-heavy and heavy weapons will be used.

In September, the Iranian Army’s Ground Force staged two-day military exercises in the central province of Isfahan to assess its preparedness in the face of new threats.




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