Irish PM urges UK to support peace, stability in NI

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin called on the British government to work together to support peace and stability in Northern Ireland (NI).

Martin made the remarks on Thursday after the announcement of British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s resignation earlier in the day, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Working together to protect the gains of the Good Friday Agreement and to support peace and stability in Northern Ireland continue to be vital responsibilities for the British and Irish governments, particularly now in the absence of a functioning Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly,” said Martin.

“The UK is Ireland’s closest neighbour and a relationship of partnership between the British and Irish governments is vital for peace and prosperity on these islands,” he noted.

Martin also called on the UK to make “substantive” engagement with the European Union (EU) on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Truss resigned after just over six weeks in office, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in UK history.




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