Islamabad police getting ready to ‘resist’ Imran’s long march


Police command of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have started chalking out strategies after former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement of a ‘Long March’ to the federal capital on Wednesday, followed by sit-in for indefinite time.

“In the initial stage, leaves of the police personnel have been cancelled except in emergency cases,” The News quoted an officer as saying.

He added that top police officers visited the sensitive locations of the metropolis including the Red Zone which has already been ‘containerised’ and surrounded with barbed wires and the sensitive points’ entry from Rawalpindi or IJ Principal Road.

“However, the government will give the plan to resist the mob or to allow them to enter Islamabad peacefully and stage sit-in (dharna).”

The officer added that it was prerogative of the government to call in the troops under Section 245 or paramilitary forces to assist the civil administration for maintenance of law and order.

However, the government has not yet released any order as how to behave with the ‘marchers’ but the police sources claimed that the police were all set to counter any attempt to disturb peace.



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