Israel bans travel to Uzbekistan, Belarus


Israel’s Ministry of Health has issued a new travel ban to Uzbekistan and Belarus, citing a high level of coronavirus morbidity.

The new measure starting from July 12 will enlarge an existing list that bans travelling to Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia, reports Xinhua news agency.

Israeli citizens and permanent residents who want to travel to one of the eight countries must request permission from an exception committee.

Meanwhile, inbound passengers from the eight countries, including recovered and vaccinated ones, must enter a 10-day quarantine.

The Ministry on Friday also announced that starting from July 16, passengers arriving from 16 countries to which a travel warning has been issued will also be required to enter quarantine immediately.

It added that starting July 16, all passengers arriving from all other countries, including vaccinated and recovered ones, will be required to enter quarantine for up to 24 hours.

This quarantine will last until the results of a coronavirus test conducted upon arrival are received.