Sunday, June 16, 2024

Israel police foiled Hamas’s plan to attack Tel Aviv on Oct 7

A joint report by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) has revealed that the police had foiled an attempt by the Hamas terrorists to launch an attack on the city of Tel Aviv on October 7 as part of its massive assault on the Jewish nation.

The report said that a huge presence of police personnel at Yad Mordechai settlement had prevented the militants from reaching the country’s second largest city.

Sources in the IDF told IANS that they arrived at this conclusion after interrogating captured Hamas militants.

The Israeli police have also raised the number of people killed at the Nova music festival by Hamas militants on October 7 to at least 364, up from the previous figure of 270.

The arrested terrorists told investigators that they did not pre-plan the attack at the festival.

They only came to know about it once they entered the Israeli territory.

Upon finding the huge number of people, the captured militants said that they started firing indiscriminately.

The police also said that17 of the victims were police officers and 40 festival attendees were kidnapped by the Hamas and taken to Gaza.

The music festival is the site of the highest number of deaths on October 7.

It however remained unclear if the updated number of people killed at the festival affects the total death toll, which officials have said is more than 1,200.



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