Israeli PM appoints new Ambassador to US

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has appointed Michael Herzog, an army veteran, as the country’s Ambassador to the US.

Taking to Twitter, Bennett announced: “Mike is the right person at the right time. During his 40 years of service in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), he served in a number of senior positions and over the years took an active part in many political negotiations.

“His experience, skills and understanding of the security and political field will serve us in managing the relationship with our closest friend (US).”

Herzog, 69, has served in several senior positions in the IDF, including the head of strategic planning, the Defence Minister’s chief of staff, and military secretary, reports Xinhua news agency.

After retiring from the army, he participated in political negotiations under several prime ministers and served as a special political envoy on behalf of the former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu between 2009 and 2014.

He is the brother of Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

“Prime Minister Bennett decided to appoint Herzog as ambassador due to his rich experience in the security and political arenas, and his in-depth knowledge of the strategic issues facing Israel, including the Iranian nuclear program,” a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Offie said.

Herzog will replace Gilad Erdan, who was asked to complete his role as Ambassador to the US two weeks after the inauguration of the new Bennett-led government in June.

Erdan, who was appointed in January this year, will continue to serve as Israel’s envoy to the UN.