‘It is not US’ policy to drive decoupling’

Amid geopolitical concerns, as global supply chains are diversifying and countries are looking at investment options away from China, the US-China decoupling has had a major impact on the entire process, though a senior US administration official on Tuesday tried to play down the entire phenomenon by saying that the country is only trying to partner with like-minded nations on technology sharing, especially on semi-conductors.

Tarun Chhabra, senior director (technology and national security) at the US National Security Council said that it is not US’ policy to drive decoupling, rather it is trying to partner with like minded nations, especially within Quad forum.

Chhabra, who was participating in a discussion at the Global Technology Summit organised by Carnegie India, when asked whether the effect of US-China decoupling is now visible, said that the US policy is not driving it (decoupling), rather it is trying to partner with like minded countries within Quad.

He added that many countries are looking at supply chain options which are resilient and efforts are being made to rope in countries which think on these lines.

Chhabra added that the US is also looking at cooperation in research and development of hardware to catalyse more private investment, and doing so in a more complimentary manner would be its priority.

Under Quad, the official said, there are new networks of cooperation, especially on supply chains, focussing on semiconductors availability.

He explained that the US is also now looking at cooperation on supply chain resilience outside of government to government (GtoG) dimensions, and is trying to develop cooperation within the Quad forum through avenues like Quad fellowships and Quad investors networks across the Pacific region.

Chhabra further said that the focus is also on how to protect technology and data ecosystem and maintain supply side resilience.

He also said that both the US and India can cooperate on technology sharing for semiconductors and whatever bottlenecks or obstacles are there, can be removed through dialogue.

Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, is a strategic dialogue between Australia, India, Japan and the US, which is maintained through talks between member nations.




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