IT training begins for 88,000 Kerala primary school teachers

Some 88,000 primary school teachers in Kerala are being empowered in two-day IT training in an e-Language Lab project as part of the 100 days programme of the state government in an initiative by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE).

The two-day IT training, which started on Tuesday is structured in 10 sessions in order to train all the teachers.

As part of the E-Cube (E3) English e-Language Lab project, it is planned to set-up e-Language Labs in all schools through which students will read, write, listen and speak English with confidence, through which they can share their experiences, listen and read interesting stories, and also undertake several learning activities through computers.

K. Anvar Sadath, CEO, KITE said that a total of 96 SRGs (State Resource Groups) at the state level and 990 DRGs (District Resource Groups) at the district level were made ready ahead of the training scheduled in 349 training centres across Kerala.

“KITE has also set up a comprehensive Online Training Management system for teachers training in which the registration of participants, scheduling, batch-wise attendance, acquittance, preparation of certificate etc. have been incorporated”, said Sadath.

Minister for General Education V. Sivan Kutty visited the training centre at Government Higher Secondary School for Girls, Cotton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram, and interacted with the trainees and trainers.

So far over 66,000 enrolments have been made for the training programme in various batches.




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