Itanagar civic body bans trading endangered fish, wild meat


The Itanagar Municipal Corporation — the civic body of the Arunachal Pradesh capital, on Thursday prohibited sale and purchase of endangered fish or any wild meat on the highway, and other market areas in the capital city and its outskirts, officials said.

Itanagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner Likha Tejji in an order said that the Superintendent of Police along with Divisional Forest Officer of Itanagar Capital Complex were directed “to book such culprits and enable enforcement of the Wild Life (Protection) Act”.

Tejji said that it was observed that endangered wild fish are being openly sold within the jurisdiction of Itanagar Municipal Corporation.

“Such selling of endangered fish in a commercial way shows that large scale illegal unregulated fishing and hunting is taking place for commercial purposes. Such unmindful and reckless commercial fishing and hunting of wild animals is against the viable pristine ecosystem of Arunachal Pradesh,” the official said in his order.

It said such wanton and reckless destruction of natural habitat shall completely wipe out the endemic species of Arunachal Pradesh, whereas, it is against Forest Act and liable to be punished under The Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972.

“Both the seller and the buyer are equally culpable under the provision of the Wild Life (Protection) Act and liable to be penalised,” the order added.

The Municipal Corporation Commissioner said that in the greater interest of the society, citizens as well as sellers are requested not to buy and sell endangered fish or any wild meats.



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