It’s insanity to think of a Muslim PM in India, says K’taka minister

BJP leader and Minister for Agriculture in Karnataka, B.C. Patil, sparked a row on Monday after he said that it is insanity to think of a Muslim leader becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Speaking to reporters here, Patil said, “This is ‘Bharat’. It is impossible for a Muslim to become the Prime Minister here.”

When asked if he meant a Muslim leader should not become the Prime Minister, Patil said it is not possible.

“This is Bharat,” he reiterated.

Patil also said that it is necessary to implement Uniform Civil Code in the country.

“It is required and it will be implemented,” he said.

“The Centre needs to form a law in this regard. Once it is done, Uniform Civil Code will be implemented all over the country,” he maintained.




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