It’s not going to be a cake walk for Justin Trudeau

Sabrina Almeida

This election doesn’t seem to be going as well as Justin Trudeau had planned. While there is a distinct possibility that the September 20 polls might not give us a new prime minister, Canadians certainly aren’t welcoming him back with open arms.

So, the Liberal leader’s move to call for an election amidst a pandemic in the hope of getting a majority might join his long list of terrible decisions.

It was a selfish move, we can all see that. The pandemic election with its price tag of more than $600 million is the most expensive so far. It’s costing a hundred million more than the previous election held in 2019 because of all the safety measures that need to be put in place, according to Elections Canada. Who’s footing the bill? We are!!! Who will it benefit? Only Justin Trudeau… if things go his way, that is.

Given the money tap the federal government has kept turned on for more than a year, we’re now on the hook for another $600 million that we certainly cannot afford. Could not this money have been put to better use? Trudeau will get his answer about what Canadians feel about his pandemic election call three weeks from now!

With campaigning at a halfway stage, some polls suggest this election might be a close one. In fact a recent Leger poll puts the Conservatives ahead by four percentage points. This doesn’t mean that Canadians want Erin O’Toole as prime minister but more likely that they don’t want Trudeau back.

This is definitely not the way he pictured his re-election to be.

But the reality is that after his six years in office, we’re no better off domestically or internationally. That’s the reason why our camera-loving prime minister might not be able to smile, hug or sweet talk his way back into our favour. 

The heckling on the campaign trail and his poor handling of the anti-vaxxers is indicative of the fact that his fan club is dwindling and it is getting to him.

It may have seemed like it was going well for the Liberals. After all, financial supports were flowing and Canada was plush with vaccines.  But our vaccine success story came after a slow and rocky start. There was a time when we literally begged for them. While the US turned their backs on us, India offered a handout despite the souring of relations caused by Trudeau’s misspoken comments on the farmers’ unrest.

If Trudeau loses or is relegated to a minority government again, it will be because Canadians have seen through his hyprocrisy and double speak. 

No, we haven’t forgotten the SNC-Lavalin and WE scandals.

Now, his refusal to drop a candidate accused of inappropriate behavior towards his young female staffers for six years brings into question his feminist philosophy. Here was an opportunity to stand up for the Me Too movement and his so-called feminism which Trudeau conveniently passed over in favour of winning back the Liberal seat in Kitchener Centre. And we haven’t forgotten how Jody Wilson-Raybould was shunted out of the attorney general’s office and the Liberal party for blowing the lid of the SNC-Lavalin issue either.

Just last week he promised to establish an anti-flipping tax on residential properties, requiring them to be held for at least 12 months, as a way of combating housing unaffordability. However, this week we found out that a Vancouver Liberal candidate earned millions from flipping homes that he owned for less than a year. While Trudeau may not have known this, he had an opportunity to show he meant business by dropping this candidate as well. But in an election that doesn’t seem to be going the way he planned, every vote and seat counts.

If Canadians believe Jagmeet Singh is as good a choice for prime minister as Justin Trudeau,   it’s because the NDP leader seems genuine in his bid to fight for the marginalized. Trudeau on the other hand is out of touch with reality. We aren’t back on the world stage as he would like us to believe and we are also struggling domestically.

Many of my friends who previously voted Liberal are no longer Trudeau fans. They’re considering voting Conservative or NDP just so that he doesn’t have a majority. It’s not hard to imagine how many Canadians must feel the same way.

Political pundits say the growing dissatisfaction with Trudeau will cost him. The rising popularity of Jagmeet Singh will chip away at Liberal votes. The increased standing of the NDP could also split the left-wing vote, further enhancing the Conservatives’ chances.

All in all it looks like it won’t be a cake walk for the Liberal government even if they are re-elected. Never take Canadians for granted Mr. Trudeau! We will hold you accountable.




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