IWL: Odisha Police edge Sirvodem SC 2-1

Odisha Police edged Sirvodem SC 2-1 in their Indian Women’s League 2022 clash at the Capital Ground, here on Friday.

Sarojini Tirkey gave the local side the lead in the 18th minute. The No 9 leaned forward to take a shot from an awkward position but found the back of the net wonderfully to make it 1-0.

Despite the scoreline suggesting otherwise, the two sides were evenly matched until the halftime break. Odisha Police had a slight advantage in terms of ball possession but they had a solitary shot on target, equal to their counterparts in the first 45 minutes.

In the 75th minute, the local side made it 2-0 as substitute Sasmita Ekka set Shibani Mundari up inside the box. The No 2 made no mistake in converting from close range and strengthening her side’s hold of the game.




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