New Delhi, Jan 22 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu government will showcase Iyyanar deity statue in its tableau during Republic Day parade as it is installed at the entrance of villages in the state with a belief that he would protect the villagers from “evil forces”. Iyyanar deity is also known as the guardian deity of villages.

It will also showcase some of the folk dances of Tamil Nadu.

“Dance forms an integral part of Tamil culture. The folk music and dance performed during temple festivals for worship also provides entertainment to the villagers,” said a senior Tamil Nadu government officer.

He also stated that the tableau in the front portion features a model of Iyyanar riding a horse. Iyyanar’s attendants and terracotta horses will be showcased near the horse as seen in Iyyanar temples. The temples of Iyyanar are usually flanked by colourful statues of him and his attendants either riding a horse or elephant.

The tableau in the second portion shows a live performance of Pinnal Kolattam. The third portion features a model of musicians playing kombu (Horn), a pipe instrument.

The fourth portion showcases a model of Thappattam. The fifth portion of tableau features a model of Oyilattam. The tableau in the last portion showcases a huge statue of Iyyanar. Terracotta elephants are showcased at the base of the Iyyanar statue.

“At the lower pedestal near the dummy models, artistes will perform Karagattam,” the officer said.

Accompanying the tableau, artistes on the ground will perform Thappattam along with musicians in traditional dress playing horn, ‘nathaswaram’, ‘thavil’ and rural music ‘Pambai’.




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