Jagmeet Singh renews promise to fight for all on the NDP’s 60th anniversary


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was joined by former NDP MP Olivia Chow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NDP. Singh talked about the legacy of the NDP throughout history always fighting for people no matter how difficult the fight was.

“Our first Leader, Tommy Douglas, understood that the power of fighting for people is where you can make change happen for the better,” Singh said in a statement issued on Tuesday. “Fighting for healthcare, fighting to give families the supports they need, fighting for workers — New Democrats fight for people. It’s what we do. Unlike the Liberals and the Conservatives, we put people before large, ultra-rich corporations. New Democrats have the courage to take on the powerful. That’s our vision. We will continue this tradition onward.”

Singh also spoke about his committment to upholding the NDP’s vision.

“As the 8th Leader of the NDP, I want to continue our tradition of fighting for people — including in this recovery stage,” said Singh. “Liberals don’t have your backs. But we have seen that the more New Democrats are elected, the more people have somebody in their corner fighting for them.”


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