Jagmeet Singh unveils NDP plan with more support for small businesses

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, on Tuesday, released his party’s plan to deliver help for main street small businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and we must ensure they get all the support they need to recover from this pandemic,” said Singh. “The Liberals are only interested in protecting the interests of big corporations that have been profiteering from this pandemic, not small businesses struggling to keep their heads above water. The NDP will continue to fight for support for small businesses.”

The NDP plan includes an excess profit tax on pandemic profits to better support small businesses. It also wants to extend the wage and rent subsidy programs until the pandemic is over so that small business owners can hold their workforce, afford their rent and invest in their businesses. To get people back to work, it is proposing a hiring bonus to pay the employer portions of Employment Insurance and the Canadian Pension Plan for new or rehired staff.

“As we aim for a recovery, we need to ensure our small businesses grow, innovate and stay competitive in Canada and around the world,” said NDP Critic for Small Business, Gord Johns. “While New Democrats propose solutions to help small business, like universal pharmacare to reduce cost for small business owners, the Liberals and Conservatives rush to block them. Small business is the engine of job creation in Canada and the NDP will do everything necessary to support it,” he added.



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