Jaipur boy raises Rs 5L in 3 weeks, builds shipping container home for homeless

Aarav Gandhi (17), a 12th standard student in a Jaipur school, has conceptualised ‘Project Gharana and built a fully-functional shipping container home as a prototype for affordable housing for the homeless people.

He envisages to build 100 shipping container homes to help rehabilitate over 500 homeless citizens in an affordable and sustainable community.

These homes can help eliminate the societal problem of homelessness and adopt environment-friendly practices, such as responsible disposal of waste and use of recycled materials in construction.

Presently, Aarav is looking for partnerships to build more shipping container homes and realise his dream of ‘Project Gharana’.

“From a young age, I have had a strong affinity for architecture and construction, which allowed me to discover the widespread problem of homelessness across India. I founded ‘Project Gharana’, which is a social initiative that aims to provide vulnerable citizens in India sustainable and affordable homes.

“The process began in September 2021 after I visited my father’s factory and saw an old container converted into a fully functioning office space. I was struck with the idea of utilising the same principle to build homes.

“After months of discussions and tireless work, the first container home was readied for a family of four. I hope to replicate this successful model and build a community of container homes in the village of Mahapura near my school.”

Aarav ran a crowdfunding campaign and raised over Rs 5 lakh in three weeks for ‘Project Gharana’. He has built his first shipping container home, which runs on 100 per cent renewable energy and utilises several sustainable materials in its construction.

Aarav’s project has received recognition both in India and abroad. He was invited to speak at the United Nations Global Goals Week. He was nominated as a FEELL changemaker (Top 50 of 1500 students across India), and received an invitation from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for a discussion to replicate such a concept in larger communities.




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