Jaipur cardiologist presents paper at annual ESC conference in Paris

Anurodh Dadarwal, a 36-year-old cardiologist from Jaipur, has brought laurels to the country by presenting his research paper at the EuroPCR 2022, the annual conference of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), held in Paris last month.

Dadarwal was the only cardiologist from India to be selected for the PCR talent session at the conference. He also presented a complicated coronary case in the same conference.

His study was centred around the theme “Randomised comparison of distal and proximal radial access for coronary procedures”.

Speaking to IANS, Dadarwal said, “It was a big achievement for me. In fact, it was an exciting moment when I presented my study in front of Ferdinand Kiemeneij, the father of coronary interventions by radial access.”

Dutch doctor Ferdinand Kiemeneij is a pioneer in this technique.

Coronary procedure by distal radial access is a very important study. In India, nearly all centres do coronary intervention either by proximal radial access or femoral access. Distal radial access is used very infrequently.

“It decreases the rate of radial artery occlusion which is the most important complication of proximal radial access. It is very important to prevent this complication for future procedures. Other advantages of distal radial access are early discharge, early resumption of activity just after procedure by that hand, less discomfort in patients of chronic joint pain, and it is very safe.

“Although the successful distal radial access is not easy, by experience, it can be learnt soon. We are performing the coronary procedures by distal radial access in most of the patients. The results are encouraging, as shown in our study.”

His study had enrolled a total of 320 patients.




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