Jake Gyllenhaal feels ‘Strange World’ reflects how we treat environment

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who lends his voice to the character of Searcher Clade in animated film ‘Strange World’, feels that the movie is about how people treat the environment at large.

The film tells the story of three generations of men in the Clade family-Jaeger, Searcher and Ethan. Their journey takes them into a world nobody knew existed, where they’ll encounter never-before-seen creatures.

Calling ‘Strange World’ incredible, Gyllenhaal said: “It’s so rich and alive and mysterious. There are things and layers in the images that are just-you could watch three, four, five times, and there’s always something to discover. The illustrations, the artistry, is mind-blowing.”

Talking about how the theme of family and environment is key to the story, Gyllenhaal added: “It all starts with us seeing ourselves within our family, taking responsibility, being a part, being a good listener. And in that space, the family’s microcosm then affects the world’s macrocosm. The environment is a space and how we treat it, I think, is essential.

We cannot dismiss it. The listening part is everything. So, I think this movie is a lot about how we treat the environment, what we’re doing to it, and in the end, what we’re doing to ourselves as a result of it. Because, in truth, I think the environment will continue.”

But, he said that he cannot say the same about the human species if they would thrive on this planet given the environmental crisis.

‘Strange World’ is set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on December 23, 2022.




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