Jallikattu: Authorities to take strict measures for preventing fatalities

After a bull tamer and a spectator were killed in two different Jallikattu events in Madurai and Tiruchy districts of Tamil Nadu, the authorities are taking strict measures to prevent any fatalities in the future.

Over 9,650 bulls and 5,399 tamers have registered online for the various Jallikattu events to be held in Madurai, Trichy districts of Tamil Nadu as part of the Pongal festivities.

Madurai district collector Aneesh Shekhar told mediapersons that the district administration was taking extra measures to prevent any untoward incidents and for the safe conduct of Jallikattu.

A bull tamer, Aravind Raj (26) died during the Jallikattu event at Palamedu in Madurai district on Monday. He had already tamed eight bulls and was a front runner for winning the competition when he was attacked by a bull that became fatal.

A spectator, Aravind (28) was gored to death in Tiruchi district during a Jallikattu event. In view of such gory incidents, the Tamil Nadu government has asked the district administrations to change the display area from the play area.

The Avaniyapuram Jallikattu, which is the first major bull-taming event of the Pongal season, was held on January 15, 2023. This had the presence of Advanced Trauma Life Care Support Ambulance which helped prevent fatalities. Two critically injured people were given treatment in this ambulance and they survived. The Tamil Nadu government is planning to have such ambulances during the Jallikattu festival across the state.

Jallikattu or bull taming is one of the most popular spots in Tamil Nadu and is considered a manly event. Several people are grievously injured and some die during the festival.

Across Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu competitions are held in which several hundreds of bulls and tamers participate. The first prize winner is generally given either a car or two-wheelers, gold coins, and other valuable gifts. The best bulls are also given prizes.

It may be noted that the Supreme Court of India banned the Jallikattu festival on May 7, 2014, on the grounds of credulity to animals.

However, after widespread protests which were led by students and youths, in January 2017, the Tamil Nadu state passed a bill to amend the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals Act 2017 and the bull-taming sport continued to be conducted in the state.




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