Jamaat-e-Islami calls on its cadre to serve people in pandemic

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind President, Syed Sadatullah Husaini has called upon the organisation’s cadre to serve people during the second wave of the pandemic.

“As the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hits us with all its ferocity, I call upon the cadre of Jamaat to dedicate themselves for the cause of helping and serving the people of our country. Our work shall mainly be on the three fronts: Creating awareness, serving people and reminding them of the spiritual and moral dimension of the pandemic,” he said.

Noting that there are many myths and lies being spread around the pandemic and its treatment, he said that unfortunately, these have resulted in many problems and even loss of life.

“Misinterpreting the tenets of faith to justify violation of Covid appropriate behaviour is ignorance and must be avoided at all costs. Protecting life is one of the fundamental canons of Islam and it is not wise to endanger lives by ignoring the basic safety protocols related to wearing of masks and hand hygiene. At this juncture, everybody must wear masks in mosques and follow social distancing norms during congregational prayers,” he said.

Husaini also said: “It is also important that we come forward to help the needy and the sick during this ongoing pandemic. Our service should be for all without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion. We firmly believe that this service to humanity is an Islamic obligation and shall receive divine succour and the highest reward. The Quran spells out clearly that the one who saves even one life is as if he saved the entire humanity. After following all safety protocols, please go out and help the sick and the needy. Do not leave them alone. Help them to get hospitalised and access to medical care if required. Arrange for oxygen and establish Covid Care Centres wherever resources permit.”

He appealed to convert automobiles to temporary ambulances and provide financial assistance to those needing it. “Dying a slow death due to lack of the provision of oxygen is an insult to the entire humanity. Do all you can to prevent such a situation,” he said.

The Jamaat chief said: “We are indebted to our doctors and paramedic staff; our youth must come forward to help people under their guidance. Boost the morale of people and get people out of depression. This is a trial and tribulation from our Lord and we must face it with complete trust in Him.”