James Corden on voice acting: Can turn up in pyjamas and not worry about being in shape

Actor James Corden lends his voice to the titular character of the new live action-CGI animated film “Peter Rabbit 2”, and he says an advantage of doing a voiceover role is one doesn’t have to worry about being in shape.

“It feels very freeing and also you don’t have to worry about that curry you ate at the weekend where you might have put on four pounds and it’s showing on your face, it doesn’t matter. You can turn up in your pyjamas and it’s fine,” he said, according to a report in contactmusic.com.

“You’ve got countless times to do it and try it. The hardest thing when you’re filming anything, even us doing this now, is time. Time is the greatest pressure. I think I’ve recorded ‘Peter Rabbit 2’ from start to finish, the whole movie, maybe eight to 10 times and in moments of that, doing 10 reads of individual lines. Then it’s up to (director) Will (Gluck) to pick how he wants the character to sound and feel,” Corden added.