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Jamie Lee Curtis removes post supporting Israel following backlash

Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis has quietly responded to backlash over her post which saw her showing support for Israel following the Hamas attack.

The actress has deleted the controversial post as it’s no longer on her Instagram page, reports

In the Saturday post, Jamie shared a picture of several children looking terrified while staring missiles in the sky.

“Terror from the skies,” the ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ actress wrote alongside an Israel flag.

The actress also tagged Samar Abu Elouf, the photographer behind the image.

Samar, however, clarified that the picture actually featured Palestinian children in Gaza.

They were running from bombs being counter-launched by Israel.

“Palestinian families seek refuge with their children from the northern Gaza Trip to UNRWA schools inside Gaza City. Children are afraid of the sound of bombing who hear it during their presence due to events on the Strip’s borders,” the photographer wrote on her own Instagram page.

It didn’t take long for Internet users to slam Jamie as she used the wrong picture to show solidarity to Israel.

]”Just to clarify, this picture is from Gaza.The children looking up at the rockets are Palestinian,” an Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

“That’s Arabic in the back there, look at the store signs. If that was in Israel, it would be Hebrew,” someone else pointed out. “In fact, this is a picture from Gaza! The children are Palestinian children from Gaza and they are under Israeli terror and heavy airstrike!”

“Girl, wtf is the message here? You have a photo of Palestinian children taken by a Gaza-based Muslim photojournalist with an Israeli flag in the incredibly manipulative caption,” someone else fumed.

A user on X (formerly Twitter), wrote: “Jamie Lee Curtis posting a pic from Gaza and thinking it’s from Israel is kinda funny ngl.”

“Jamie Lee Curtis reposting a picture of Palestinian children in Gaza and captioning it with the Israeli flag is some serious shameless lying. When you support Israel, you need to lie in order to make your case,” another tweeted. “Jamie Lee Curtis posted the picture to get sympathy for Israel when it’s literally Palestinian kids… you can’t make this up…,” another tweet read.

Jamie wasn’t the only celebrity who was under fire after showing support for Israel.

Kylie Jenner landed in hot water as she was calledby online users for sharing a pro-Israel post even though her best friends, including Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, have been advocating for palestine for years.

Beginning on Saturday, militant group Hamas launched thousands of rockets from Gaza in a surprise ambush.

Since the ongoing conflict, more than 1,100 people have been killed from both sides and over 2,300 people have been injured, according to the media.



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