Jamie Lee Curtis turns her Golden Globes reaction meme into T-shirt print

Unless one is living under a rock, they would know that Jamie Lee Curtis’s reaction to Michelle Yeoh’s Golden Globes win is now a globally trending meme. But, Curtis has gone an extra mile to convert that meme into a T-shirt print and wear it with pride.

The actress showed off a new shirt on Instagram featuring an image of her reaction to Michelle Yeoh’s Golden Globes win earlier in the week, reports People magazine.

The image, of course, went viral after Yeoh’s victory in the category for best performance by an actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy. Before taking her trophy for her ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ performance.

Yeoh’s co-star excitedly reacted to her name being called, and now she’s excitedly wearing that same moment across her chest with the words “friends supporting friends.”

“I’m still stunned that a moment of natural exuberance and joy, became some sort of a symbol for women supporting other women,” Curtis wrote, as she wore the shirt in a mirror selfie.

She continued: “@erin.gallag.her highlighted it with her gorgeous post and word anthem of support and somehow from Tuesday night to Friday night it became a T-shirt that was left outside my home with a dozen everything bagels from my @everythingeverywheremovie family,” she continued. “I was COVID sleeping and today after my shower I proudly wear it.”

As per People, Curtis closed her post by writing that “#FRIENDSSUPPORTINGFRIENDS is a perfect squad goal for 2033. Thank you, Erin and all who are expanding it and amplifying the message and CONGRATULATIONS @michelleyeoh_official YOU ARE EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE.”




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