Jammu-based hip-hop star Shen B releases ‘Zamaana’

Jammu-based hip-hop artiste Shayaan Bhat, or Shen B, has released the first single and the title track from his debut EP, “Zamaana”.

“Through ‘Zamaana’, I really wanted to tap into the power of nostalgia to create change. The song speaks about how I don’t like what the world has turned into and how I wish I could go back in time,” he says.

The four-track EP is a collection of songs that will highlight key issues the youth face today.

“On this EP, I’ve revealed different facets of me as an artist — the dark and light side of my being. The EP is both fun and introspective; it’ll make people question, it’ll make them think. Zamaana, as a whole, is a call to action,” Shen B adds.

From belting bars on bullying and censorship to writing verses on self-esteem, corruption and faith in his previous songs, Shen B invokes nostalgia to deliver a message of overcoming the odds on Zamaana.

“I’m proud to release my debut EP. It’s a special collection of songs that I hope inspire a positive shift in the world at large. We are the breathing fabric of history. Let’s build a world worthy of living in,” he adds.