Japan to start trials requiring vax proof, test results at restaurants

The Japanese government said on Monday that it would start conducting trials using proof of Covid-19 vaccinations or negative test results at eateries this week, aiming to maintain economic activities while preventing the spread of infections.

To extend the opening hours of restaurants, the trials will allow individuals with either proof of Covid-19 vaccinations or negative test results to eat in larger groups.

Many local governments still maintained some preventive measures after the Covid-19 state of emergency was lifted across Japan on October 1.

According to the Japanese government, the step as a preparation for another possible wave of infections this winter will start on Thursday in Kyoto Prefecture at a Japanese restaurant.

After that, a Japanese-style “izakaya” pub in Hokkaido and a hotel restaurant in Fukuoka prefecture will join in.

Although the daily Covid-19 infections in Japan have declined steadily since logging record cases in the summer, many medical experts warned that another wave of infections may occur during the winter.

The Japanese government wants to use the trials as a framework to avoid another strike on the economic activities.

Trials using proof of vaccination or negative test results have been conducted at professional football matches.