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Jasleen Royal’s ‘Sang Rahiyo’ was shot in her home with ‘a bunch of friends’

Singer and composer Jasleen Royal feels overwhelmed as her melodious release ‘Sang Rahiyo’ which has resurfaced after its release in 2020, has hit the top song charts.

The singer shared that the track was shot at her home with a bunch of friends and had no marketing involved.

Quickly climbing the charts, ‘Sang Rahiyo’ made its way to the top 100, the song has become a hit on social media trends, taking on the position of the first choice for romantic reels. The perfect combination of love and longing, it has emerged as more than just a song, it’s being called the very anthem of long distance relationships.

Jasleen took to her Instagram to share this feeling of joy.

Along with a video clip, she wrote: “Ranveer Allahbadia and I are so overwhelmed to see #SangRahiyo hit the top song charts out of the blue. It was shot in my home with a bunch of friends. No marketing, nothing! Only love. This is happening now after almost 3 years of its release when I get ready to drop the biggest single of my career in a few days means a lot. Thank you to each listener from the bottom of my heart.”

Jasleen is known for songs such as ‘Din Shagna Da’ and ‘Ranjha’ among many others.



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