Jasmin Bhasin-starrer Punjabi song ‘Tenu yaad karaan’ out

“Bigg Boss 14” star Jasmin Bhasin features in the music video of the new Punjabi track “Tenu yaad karaan”, which was released on Tuesday.

The romantic track has been recorded in the voices of Gurnazar Chattha and Asees Kaur, on Gurnazar’s lyrics and composition. The video is about romance blooming between a young boy and a girl at a Punjabi wedding, and features Jasmin with Gurnazar.

“Gurnazar is an extremely soft-spoken person and very sweet. I think I definitely found a friend in him and it didn’t feel that I was meeting him for the first time for the shoot. It was such a comfortable atmosphere on the set. Now, whenever I am in Punjab, I can bother Gurnazar and hang out with him!” said Jasmin.

Gurnazar said of Jasmin: “She is a fantastic actress and an amazing human being on and off screen. I just loved working with her. I can safely call Jasmin my best co-star.”

Jasmin recently featured in music videos like “Tu bhi sataya jayega” and “Pani di gal”.