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Jason Momoa compares riding motorcycle in New York to playing real-life ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Despite his hardman persona, Hollywood star Jason Momoa says he was “really scared” when he rode the motorcycle in streets of New York and added that he thought it felt like a real-life version of ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

“I was scared, I was really scared. I got out there, I was like, ‘Oh this is amazing.’ It was like a video game. I don’t even play video games but if I were to imagine what a video game was like, it would be driving a motorcycle in New York City,” he said on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

“The people are scarier, they don’t give a c*** they just walk across the street. The cars at least respect the people. But it was amazing. Perfect blue-bird day, just a little bit of a chill and I’m with my friends and I’m riding in New York.”

Momoa was spotted at the intersection of Bowery and East 3rd Street outside of The Bowery Hotel as he was seen firing up his bike. He was in the city as he’s set to host “Saturday Night Live” show for a second time, after making his debut on the comedy show in December 2018, reports

He also appeared in a couple of cameos on the series – once in October 2019 and again in October 2020.

In a promotion released on Wednesday, November 15 for his upcoming hosting stint on November 18, the actor ditched his pants, with the skit coming five years after the actor walked around the show’s set in only a towel.

He said after he stripped for the clip, which saw him hurl off his hat and leather jacket before the camera pulled back and revealed his blurred bottom half, “I’m so happy to be back!”



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